IC Front-End /Mask/EDA

Taiwan China

Photomask Laser repaire system, Defect Inspection System, Wafer Aligner

PR Stripper, Polymer Cleaners

R&D Service (EDA S/ W Development, PDK Development/ Validation and System Design Service) and Software Development Toolkit/ Mask Data Preparing/ Mask Defect Analysis Products

Resistivity Test System

Resonant Clock Meches Sollution That Provide All The Performance Benefits of a Clock Mesh and Reduce Power

Seismic Isolation System

SiC Dummy Wafer

Single Side Lapping Machine / Double Side Lapping Machine/ Edge Profiler / Airpocket Inspection / Scratch Inspection Machine

Single wafer cleaner tool

Slurry / Pad

Spin on Hardmask Solution for Advance Technology

Thermal AMC unit for Scanner

Trimming system for SOI wafer/ BOW & SOW & FBAR

Wafer Sorter, Wafer Handler Transfer System, Integrate & Metrology Automation System AOI System, PVD/ Sputter, PVD/ Sputter/ Target, MRAM Target, ReRAM Target

XRR, XRF, SAXS, HRXRD (X-Ray Film Thickness/ Density/ Roughness/ Stress/ Measurement)