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Founded by Ms. Margaret Kao in 1988, Marketech International Corp.(MIC) (TW:6196) is committed to be the professional technology service provider dedicated to marketing and technology integration support services.
MIC is diversified in 4 complementary areas: Sales Representation - Dedicated to marketing and integration support for process equipment and materials in the IC, FPD, LED and optoelectronics industries.
System Integration - Offering total solutions for facility integration of clean room and MEP turnkey projects, DI water, gas and chemical supply system, wastewater treatment system, facility monitor and control system, installation and maintenance services.
Facility Turnkey Projects - Utilizing MIC’s engineers to design, manufacture, and integrate complex equipment or new facilities for customers. Complete turnkey solutions and our low cost supply chain allow customers to be more competitive and profitable.
Advanced Manufacturing - Provides OEM/ODM parts supply as well as localized and customized process and facility equipment.
Under the leadership of Ms Margaret Kao and President Scott Lin, our team of talented professionals delivers the innovative technology and extensive service to satisfy not only the customers'demands but industrial safety concerns and environmental protection as well.
MIC provides an extensive service network. The business scope covers CMP, photomask, wafer and mask inspection, consumable spare parts, SOI wafer, LCD process and inspection equipment and materials; outsourcing service in tool manufacturing; clean room and MEP turnkey projects, DI water, gas and chemical supply systems, waste water treatment systems, facility monitoring and control system, etc.


  • 1988 Dec MIC founded by Margaret Kao & Scott Lin, dedicated to marketing and technology integration support services
  • 1989 Feb U.S.A. affiliated company established
  • 1995 Mar 1st clean room established
  • 1997 Aug Singapore subsidiary established
  • 1997 Oct Tainan office established
  • 1997 Dec Started to cooperate with J.P.C. (Japan) in December 1997 to expand business in Shanghai
  • 1998 Jan 2nd clean room established
  • 2000 Oct Hsinchu branch office "詠倡" set-up
  • 2000 Oct Hsinchu branch established
  • 2001 Sep ISO 9001: 2000 certified (All Dept.)
  • 2001 Oct Bonded warehouse established in Shanhua (South of Taiwan)
  • 2002 Oct IPO on the Taiwan stock market (OTC)
  • 2002 Oct Bonded warehouse established in Hukou (North of Taiwan)
  • 2003 Aug Southern Taiwan Science Park (STSP) established
  • 2003 Sep Hukou manufacturing center set-up
  • 2004 Mar OEM for USA equipment supplier
  • 2004 May Listed on the Taiwan Stock Exchange
  • 2004 Sep Shanhua manufacturing center set-up
  • 2004 Oct Korean subsidiary established
  • 2005 Apr Japan Subsidiary Established
  • 2005 May TSPB manufacturing center set-up
  • 2005 Jun Wuxi Manufacturing Center Set-up
  • 2005 Nov Global headquarters relocated in Nangang Software Park
  • 2006 Mar OEM for Lasertec LCD equipment
  • 2006 Mar OEM for USA LCD equipment provider
  • 2006 Aug OEM for Lasertec LCD equipment
  • 2007 Jan ISO 14001 & OHSAS 18001 certified
  • 2008 Jul Southern Taiwan Science Park (STSP) Manufacturing Center Phase II set-up
  • 2010 Jan MIC-TECH VIET NAM CO., LTD. established
  • 2011 May Toufen manufacturing center PhaseⅢ broke ground
  • 2011 Jun Certified as an AEO by Directorate General of Customs
  • 2011 Jun Cooperating with HiKE for technology transfer
  • 2011 Jul HOA PHONG MARKETECH CO.,LTD. established
  • 2013 Jun Toufen Manufacturing Center PhaseⅢset-up
  • 2014 Jan MARKETECH ENGINEERING PTE.LTD established
  • 2014 Apr Marketech Integrated Construction Co.,Ltd. established in Mynamar
  • 2015 Mar Established the subsidiary (Marketech Integrated Manufacturing Company Limited) in Myanmar in March.
  • 2015 Dec Received the SA8000 certification in December
  • 2015 Dec Started to build factory in Myanmar in December.
  • 2016 Oct PT Marketech International Indonesia set-up
  • 2016 Nov Central Taiwan Science Park Branch set-up
  • 2017 Jun Marketech Netherlands B.V. set-up
  • 2018 May Received a tender offer for more than 1/3 holding purchased from Ennoconn International Investment Co., LTD
  • 2018 Jun Southern Taiwan Science Park (STSP) Manufacturing Center Phase III set-up
  • 2018 Dec MIMC Thilawa in Myanmar set-up
  • 2022 Jan STSP Manufacturing Center Phase V set-up
Business philosophy


  1. MIC is diversified in 3 complementary areas: Sales Representative - Dedicated to marketing and technology integration support services, MIC is a leading OEM BusinessRepresentative of process equipment and materials for semiconductor,flat panel display, and optoelectronics industries. Facilities - We offer total solutions for facility integration of clean room and MEP turnkey projects, DI water, gas and chemical supply system, wastewater treatment system, facility monitor and control system, installation and maintenance services. Electronics Manufacturing Services - MIC has hundreds of engineers to assist in the design, manufacture, and integration of complex equipment. We provide complete turnkey solutions, utilizing our low cost Supply Chain to make our customers more competitive and profitable.
  2. Implementing the business strategy of technology localization, MIC's marketing experience and technical competence enable the OEM capability of the equipment for the principals as well as related spare parts to provide a more extensive service network to individual customers.
  3. Targeting Asian markets, MIC recognizes the key to success and continued growth is to be competitive anywhere. The company continuously contributes to R&D efforts for semiconductor, flat panel and medical equipment. We also take every precaution to guard our customers'Intellectual Property rights.
  4. Caring for employees and shareholders, MIS" achievement is guided by the principles of Innovation, Execution and Evaluation. With the dynamic professionals and efficient teamwork, MIC enhances the corporate value and upholds corporate governance to insure the shareholders" rights and employees" benefits as well.
Quality policy


  1. Implementation of Total Quality Management.
  2. Continuing improvement for quality and service.
  3. Enhancing customer's satisfaction.
  4. Fulfilling quality, cost-effective and on-time delivery for customer's demand.
ESH Policy


MIC puts our quality of services to provide a quality improvement of products and services, a continuous improvement of environment, and a safe and comfortable working condition to our customers. Our belief of delivering professionalism, accuracy, reputation, and quality services toward our customers is to meet the EHS policies.

【Working Environment Refers to CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility)】
  1. Comply with related enactments(regulation).
  2. Implement training and education indeed.
  3. Effectively utilize resources.
  4. Prevention accidents.
  5. Continuously execute improvement activities.
Social Accountability policy


  1. Follow international standards on social accountability.
  2. Show to customers our commitment in fulfilling social accountability.
  3. Work together with partners and supplier chain to fulfill social accountability.
  4. Strictly prohibits the use of child labor at each of its production plants, and take care of minor workers' rights & interests.