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Mission and Challenges

MIC is dedicated to technology industry for decades. As the growth of the corporate needs the culture to be actually implemented; therefore, with the concept of corporate citizens in mind, MIC is practicing its promise by participating proactively in a wide range of social and charitable projects and is carrying out the company’s social contribution by means of care for the disadvantaged, communities, and the environment.

We committee ourselves to the social and charitable projects through four principles, i.e., “Charity Events”, “Care for the Disadvantaged”, “Arts and Culture Cultivation” and “Volunteer Program”, and through a planned and long-term support, we hope to lead our employees to devote into welfare activities, to promote the stable and healthy growth of society, to take corporate social responsibility into our company’s culture, and eventually give back to society.

Social Contribution

MIC has involved in many public service activities, including providing long-term support to the IC Broadcasting Company, the NanKang Software Park, the ITRI Alumni and The Chinese Institute of Electronically Engineering, supporting TSMC to participant in the Kaohsiung Gas Explosion Disaster Relief Project, sponsoring schoolchildren in remote areas, and supporting the charity sales of the Chan-Yi Bakery and the World Peace Organization. MIC received the “Taipei Best Supplier Award” in 2013, and also gains affirmation by the industry.

MIC spares no effort to participant in public service activities, as well as encouraging and gathering its employees’ power to serve the public and give back to society. We believe that the sustainability value of the corporate not merely provide good work environment to employees but also lead employees to achieve social contribution and practice the friendly connection between the corporate and the society.

Environmental Protection

As being a part of the semiconductor industry, MIC pays attention on the issues of environmental protection. We not only develop software monitoring system relating to environmental protection which reduces air pollution by means of putting jillion analysis techniques into the plant management monitoring system, so that it can strictly control carbon emissions through use of data. At the same time, MIC also actively expands the development and promotion of new energy products.

In addition to comply with the environmental regulations of the locations where we operate, we also practice the environmentally-friendly actions by encouraging and assisting our suppliers and clients to establish a green supply chain which leads environmental awareness in production and quality management systems in order to improve environmental performance. At the meantime, MIC also adopts green energy, such as solar power generation, and so on, and promotes energy efficient solutions. We hope to reduce the negative impact arising from power consumption on the environment. As being one of globally-engaged citizens, the trend of environmental protection project brooks no delay.

【MIC GHG Emission Data】

【Investment in Energy and Green Energy Landscape】

Sexual Harassment Prevention Act

According to Sexual Harassment Prevention Act, MIC makes a Clearly declare that sexual harassment is prohibited, Maintain a friendly environment, establish a complaint channel for sexual harassment incidents, and truly safeguard the rights and interests of the parties concerned.

【Sexual Harassment Prevention Act】 
Code of Ethics and Business Conduct

【Code of Ethics and Business Conduct】