IC Front-End /Mask/EDA

Taiwan China

Active vibration isolation system

Air Leaker/temp monitor system

Bulk Chemical (H2O2/H2SO4/NH4OH/HCL/HNO3)

Chemical Air filter for Facility (FFU/MAU) and Equipment (Scanner/ Stepper/ Track and other more process tool)

Chemical Filter (Process Tool / MAU / FFU)

Chiller: ESL-60TV, DEX-20A, DEX-25AZ, ESH-30A, EN-30, AX-2020C, MP-45BG

Clean wiper

Cleaner tool / ECP plating tool

CMP Asahi Diamond Conditioner

CMP pad Conditioner


Consumables for optical components (lens、filters、cover glass、seal glass etc) laser refurbishing

CuSO4 Solution

Defect off line auto-classification, defect printing simulation, defect tracing

developer、etcher、resist coater、baking system、pellicle remover system

Digital photomask writer (FPD, LSI), Registration tool (HPS)


EBR7030,Cyclohexanone,Cyclopentanone(PI Develop)

Etcher (MRAM)

EUV reflectometer、EUV Pellicle transmission tool、EUV mask exposure tool、Resist outgassing measurement tool

Filters and contamination control components

Flatness interferometric measuring machine (BOW、WARP、SORI、TTV)

Fore-line Plasma Pre-treatment System

Ga2O3 wafers


Hight brightness halogen light source

Implanter for III/V compound Semiconductor

Ion Implanter

Layout Editor and Browser Tools Apply in IC and FPD Design Areas,RC Extraction and IR Dropanalysis Tools

Local Scrubber

Mask CD measurement tool & wafer mini stepper

Mask Defect Management System