IC Front-End /Mask/EDA

Taiwan China

Active anti-vibration system

ALP Differential Hall Effect Microscopy (DHEM)

Automated Mask Cleaner, Developer, Etcher, Resist Coater, Baking System, Pellicle Remover System

Automatically Wafer/ Mask CD-SEM Images Analysis and 3D Modeling Solutions for Science and Industry

BCAM/ TCAM, Customize IP, ASIC Design/ Turn-key Service, SMS (Operation)Service, SERDES, ARM Hardening Solutions

BCD, (Vertical) Furnace, Single Wafer Baking, MMT, Asher, Variable Frequency Microwave, TMD gate valve, Implanter

Blank masks

Charge In-Duced and Non-Visual Defect Wafer Inspection System

Chemical Filter for Utility and Eqipment (Scanner/ Stepper/ Track/ Slurry / Plating)

Circuit Simulation, IP Characterization RC Critical Path Reduction, Model Extraction/ Refiner on Semiconductor and on FPD/ OLED Design Area

CMP PVA Brush/ Disk

Consumables for Optical Conponents (Lens, Filters, Cover Glass, Seal Glass etc...)

DF/ TF High-K, Low-K Precursor


EUV pellicle transmmision measurement

EUV Reflectometer, EUV Accelerated Exposure Tool, EUV Pellicle Transmission Tool

Flatness Interferometric Measuring Machine(BOW, WARP, SORI, TTV)

FOUP Cleaning System, EUV Pod Cleaning System, Reticle/ Wafer Stocker, Reticle / Wafer carrier

Grinding/ Polishing Tool for Compound Semiconductor

High Purity Gallium& High Purity Indium Ingot and Solutions

High Purity Semiconductor Material : Indium, Gallium, Selenium

High Speed and Automation on EM and RF Silicon Synthesis and Modeling of On-Chip Passive Devices, High-Frequency Interconnects, Bondwires and Package Parasiticsand Verification Technologies

IC/ PCB Circuit Simulator, IP (Memory/ STD. Cell) Characterization/ Verrification, RC Critical Path Reduction, TFT/ OLED Model Extraction/ Refiner


Integrated & Stand-Alone for Surface Defect Inspection, Particle Inspection, Wafer edge Inspection, Wafer Back Side Inspection

Layout Editor and Browser Tools Apply in IC and FPD Design Areas,RC Extraction and IR Dropanalysis Tools

Local Scrubber

Mask Process Chemicals, Developer, Rinse, Cleaner, Etcher, Photoresist Stripper

Methology Measurement Results' On-Line/Off-Line Detail Analysis and Feedback to Exposure Machines. The Software Platform First in the Semiconductor Industry to Simulate Manufacturing with Real Data



Photomask CD-SEM