Customized Equipment Manufacture

Customized Eqipment Manufacture

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We specialize in planning and customizing logistic automation, system integration, and biotechnology testing instrument. We provide customer solutions to reduce cost and enhance production.

Acquired Certificates for Medical Devices: ISO 13485, Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP), Food and Drug Administration (FDA), selling / manufacturing license, and more.

●Automatic Instrument / Equipment Modifying , Repairing, and Improving

●Instrument Customization and Software Development

●System and Software Integration

●Food Logistic Automation System

●Transport Load / Unload Robot

●Extraction and Vibration for Instrument

●Digital X-Ray Flat Panel Detector Manufacturing and Providing / Radiography System

●Bio-Medical Reagent Film Sealing and Packaging Equipment

●Luminescence Image Capturing System

●Pipetting / Liquid Handling System

●Medical Devices and Consumables OEM and ODM

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