Founded in 1988, Marketech International Corp.(MIC) (TW:6196) is committed to be the professional technology service provider. MIC's business is diversified in three segments: the representative business of advanced process equipment and raw materials for the hi-tech industry, total solutions for facility integration and customized turnkey equipment manufacturing. MIC fully supports the development of semiconductor, opto-electronics, solar cell, laser application and lithium battery industries. MIC headquarters are in Taipei, Taiwan. Other branches include Hukou, Hsinchu, Toufen and Tainan. For worldwide business, the company has overseas branch offices in China, Singapore, Vietnam, Korea, Japan and U.S.A.

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Training & Development

We Provide Professional Training & Development
  1. New-hired Orientation
  2. Employee Health and Safety Training 3.ERP Training
  3. ERP Training
  4. Professional Technology Training and Seminar
  5. General Skills Training
  6. Quality Management Trainin
  7. Management Training
  8. Language Training


We Provide Satisfactory Benefits
  1. Annual bonus and performance bonus
  2. Labor insurance, national health insurance and labor pension
  3. Employee group insurance and free group insurance offered to employee's spouse and child(ren)
  4. Regular health checks
  5. Gift vouchers for birthday, childbirth and spring festival; and marriage and funeral grants
  6. Annual company trip/ trip grant
  7. New employee orientation and training; on-the-job education and training; and comprehensive career plan services
  8. Bilingual Training


We Provide Satisfactory Benefits
  1. Retirement eligibilityEmployees who have served in this Company for at least 25 years, or employees over 55 years old who have served in this company for at least 15 years, or employees over 60 years old, are eligible to apply for voluntary retirement. The Company may compulsorily retire employees who are over 65 years old, mentally disabled, or physically handicapped.

  2. Pension distributionRetirement allowances for employees of the old retirement plan are paid by the Company to the dedicated account of Bank of Taiwan on a monthly basis after the actuarial work on the allowance amount. Retirement allowances for employees of the new retirement plan are paid to the dedicated individual account managed by the Bureau of Labor Insurance on a monthly basis with a withdrawal of 6% of the employee's monthly wage, and are paid to the dedicated individual account managed by the Bureau of Labor Insurance with deductions from the employee's monthly wage in accordance with their voluntary contribution ratio if they choose voluntary contributions.

  3. Pension paymentsThe amount of the payment is calculated according to relevant regulations. Employees of the old retirement plan who apply for a dedicated account of Bank of Taiwan for retirement allowances will require approval of the Retirement Reserve Supervisory Committee of the Company. Eligible employees may apply to the Bureau of Labor Insurance on their own for withdrawing of pensions distributed to the dedicated account managed by the Bureau of Labor Insurance under the Company's new retirement plan.